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Magic RSS Configuration

This page helps you set up your RSS feeds in your web pages. If you are using the onsite Magic RSS utility, you should install that first. If you have not yet signed up to receive the files, please see
here. For help with installing Magic RSS onto your server, see here: Magic RSS Installation and Setup.

If you are planning to use the Javascript option with no download, just proceed on this page to enter your RSS feed URL (the address of the RSS feed you want to display) and you will then be able to create some Javascript to put on any web page.

Simply enter the feed URL provided by the site whose RSS feed you wish to display, and press the button. You can set quite a few parameters to customize your feed. If you do not know what any of these mean, just enter the feed URL. That's all you need. The rest is optional. For you experts out there, see the end of this page for a list of the parameters that you can play with yourself.

Basic settings (just use these to start)

RSS feed URL:
Max number of items to show:
Item description length:
default is 255 characters

Advanced settings (only required if you know what you're doing)

Path to magicrss.php:
default is "/", which means
the root directory of your website
Max item age:
leave blank for no limit
caching increases speed, but may
cause older feed items to display
Cache time limit:
default is 12 hours
Item image dimensions:
width x height, default is 64 x 32
Strip HTML from item description:
stripping HTML from descriptions avoids
unwanted effects in your site's HTML
Open links in a new window: pinging:
by default the script pings back to for statistical purposes,
you can disable this
Header template file:
you can use a template file to
customize the feed header display
Item template file:
you can use a template file to
customize the feed item display

Magic RSS Paramaters

If you know what you are doing you can tweak the parameters yourself. The number one most important thing: put the "url=..." parameter LAST in your query string!

The Magic RSS output contains references to various CSS style classes: magicrss, rssfeedtitle, rsstitle, rssdate, rssdesc . You can get pretty good control over the output look by using these. Your best bet is to look at the source code for one of your web pages using Magic RSS to see how and where they are used.

The most common parameters taken by magicrss.php are

  • url: the address of the RSS feed
  • max: the maximum number of items to show (defaults to 5)

However, magicrss.php can also take several more parameters and we invite you to experiment with these:

  • url - RSS feed url

  • max - only show the first n items, default 5
  • descLen - truncate the item description to n characters, default 255
  • cacheHrs - cache results for n hours before fetching a fresh version, default 12
  • age - only include RSS items from the past n days or hours, 8h, 7d, default no limit
  • noCache - turn caching off, default is caching is on
  • noNewWindow - cause links not to open in a new window, mutually exclusive with itemTpl (if the user supplies a custom item template it will be their own HTML which has control over this)
  • stripHtml - cause HTML to be stripped from descriptions, default on


  • imgWidth, - set image width and height for RSS item images, default
  • imgHeight 64x32
  • imgAlign - can be set to "left", "right" or "none". Default is "left". Determines whether the feed text will wrap on the right or left side of the image, or not wrap around the image. Applies to both HTML and enclosure images.
  • noImg - if set to 1, no images will be displayed, even if they are available. Also applies to both HTML and enclosure images.


  • itemTpl - item template, will use built-in template if none supplied
  • headTpl - header template, will use built-in template if none supplied

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