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Two items from Yahoo's Science News feed:

Science News Headlines - Yahoo News

NASA puts out call for satellite communication services ? on Mars
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 19:49:31 -0400 - By Irene Klotz CAPE CANAVERAL Fla. (Reuters) - In what may be the ultimate in long-distance telephone service, NASA on Wednesday put out a call for a commercially owned and operated satellite network on Mars. The robotic probes, however, are useless if th...

U.S. scientists to map interior of Mount St. Helens volcano
Wed, 23 Jul 2014 15:23:57 -0400 - By Victoria Cavaliere SEATTLE (Reuters) - A series of explosions set off by a team of scientists were expected to rattle Washington state's Mount St. Helens on Wednesday as researchers map the interior of the volcano, whose 1980 eruption was the dead...

RSS feed reader provided by Magic RSS

Magic RSS allows you to present any RSS feed on any web page with the insertion of one line of code. It's that simple. And it's completely free. If you thought that learning and using RSS had to be complicated, then we're here to prove you wrong!.

Magic RSS comes in two distinct options. If you are a little computer savvy and can upload two scripts to your web site, the Magic RSS PHP Script otion is for you. After a one-time installation, you simply add a line of script to any SSI-enabled web page where you want the RSS feed to be displayed. This option puts the feed text on your page - great for search engines. Sign up to receive the downloads.

If you are computer challenged and just want to add a line of script to your web page, then no setup is required. Proceed to the Magic RSS Configuration page to obtain some instant Javascript code to put on your web site.

For further information about these two options, please see here: Magic RSS Implementation Options.

Magic RSS in action

Magic RSS is installed on this server and is being demonstated on this page. We have put all code into table cells. Inside each table cell the RSS feed is created by just one line of code - either the INCLUDE statement or a Javascript statement. (it's one line of text and we give it to you, so never fear!). These particular feeds is ones we have found or created, and they indicate the range of what you can place on your page. The feeds are displayed nicely in the format for this page. There are millions of feeds available.

PHP ScriptJavascript
This is an RSS feed presented using a single Include statement. This is a news feed from Google, check the dates to see today's date!:

website rss - Google News

RSS Feeds - Daily Mail
Tue, 08 Jul 2014 11:57:54 GMT - RSS FeedsDaily MailUse any of these simple RSS services to receive story summaries that link through to the full story on the website. Most are free and can be used easily on mobile. RSS · My Yahoo! Feedly · AOL Reader ...

ECB website hacked, with personal data stolen - MarketWatch
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 08:57:09 GMT - Irish IndependentECB website hacked, with personal data stolenMarketWatchThe email addresses and other contact details were held, some unencrypted, in a database for the ECB's public website, where people register for the bank's conferences and vi...

BBC issues explanation for iPlayer and website outage - ITProPortal
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 07:11:18 GMT - ITProPortalBBC issues explanation for iPlayer and website outageITProPortalAs promised, the BBC has come forward with an explanation of what happened last weekend to cause major issues with iPlayer and the Beeb's website (many found they could not wat...

Ben McLemore relishes NBA hardware - KUsports
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 05:25:35 GMT - Ben McLemore relishes NBA hardwareKUsports?It means a whole lot, man, because I think we learned so much,? McLemore said in a video interview posted on Sacramento's website, ?and bonded like a team, and we showed it out there on the floor.? Th...

China censors squash reports on giant inflatable toad - The Japan Times
Thu, 24 Jul 2014 07:32:42 GMT - China censors squash reports on giant inflatable toadThe Japan TimesThe website of China's official Xinhua news agency and popular web portal Sina had deleted their reports on the animal ? seen as a symbol of good fortune in traditional Chinese cult...

RSS feed reader provided by Magic RSS

This is an RSS feed presented by using one line of Javascript. We have a friend who writes a popular blog:

This is an RSS feed presented in FeedBox style using an Include statement:

FeedBox by Magic RSS

The FeedBox is great for Blogs!

This is a FeedBox presented using a single line of Javascript. This one has direct links to eBay items of my choosing with my affiliate link embedded!

And by the way, in case you don't believe us, here is the line of code. Add it to any of YOUR web pages and watch it pop right up!

Download and Setup: PHP Scripts

We give you a free zip file with everything you need, nothing else to buy or do except set it up. Setup takes less than a minute. All this comes with the usual host of disclaimers but we're used to those by now, aren't we?

Please feel free to give us feedback on your use of Magic RSS!

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Setup: Javascript

No download or setup is necessary for the Javascript options. Please proceed directly to the Magic RSS Configuration page.

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